Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy has been developed to serve those who are concerned about the way their personal data or personal identification information is used online. "Personal Information" or "Personal Identification Information" as described in Regulation (EU) 2016/679 or the US Privacy and Security Act is the information that can be used to identify, contact, or locate a person.


Please read our privacy policy carefully to understand how we collect, use, protect or otherwise process your personal information or personal identification information through our site.


  1. Who are we?


The website (, hereinafter referred to as the website, is managed by UNICOMP SA


  1. What personal data do we collect, how do we collect them and how long do we keep them?


We collect a series of personal data only for legitimate and clearly defined purposes that underlie our activity and communication with you, and their processing is always based on your explicit consent to each individual situation as follows:


2.1 Anonymous and statistical data


The content of this website is informative and its access does NOT involve the collection of personal data, but only anonymized and statistical data as follows:


Static and anonymous site and site statistics collected by Google Analytics - number of visitors, visited pages, browser type, device type, etc. Google Analytics uses cookies in this regard, and details about it can be found here. If cookies are disabled in your browser, then Google Analytics will not record your visit data on this website.


Statistical data on security incidents and malicious activities collected through SucuriSecurity


Anonymous and statistical data are generally kept for a period of 12 months if the situation (certain security incidents) does not require a longer period.


2.2 Pseudo-anonymous data


Interaction of users with this website or its administrator involves the processing, validation and processing of pseudo-anonymous data (pseudo-anonymous data means those data that could identify a person, but we do not verify or are relevant if these data are real), obtained by:


Contact form


The pseudo-anonymous data filled in the contact form is stored in the website's database and is sent to one of our emails using a secure protocol


We store the content of the messages sent through the contact form on this website as well as the contact information provided (real or invalid) when filling in the contact form so that we can respond to the users who contact us


Contact details will remain confidential and serve only as a means of communication between us and you. You will not receive unsolicited content.


Subscribe to the newsletter


We verify and confirm the validity of the email addresses used to subscribe to the newsletter by sending an automatic email requesting confirmation of the subscription


Subsequently, validated email addresses are used to send messages for information and marketing purposes, with the possibility of unsubscribing / canceling or revoking the quality acquired through registration


Pseudo-anonymized data is kept indefinitely, or until the user opts for unsubscription from the newsletter or asks for their deletion.


  1. How do we protect your personal information?


This website requires pseudo-anonymous data that it stores in the database or pass it on to the administrator's email address. Access to this data is limited to the website administrator, and the computer systems on which they are saved are secure and up-to-date.


This website is secured, permanently updated, and uses an encrypted connection using an SSL certificate and HTTPS protocol to prevent interception of data between the server and third-party users.


  1. With whom do we share personal data?


Data collected from users (pseudo-anonymous) is not shared with any other entity.


  1. What rights do you have on your personal data?


You can ask to receive an export file with the personal data we hold about you. You can also ask us to delete all the personal data we hold about you. These things can be done through a direct request sent to the webmaster's email address or by using this page.


  1. Additional information


Users can visit this anonymous website. This can be done by disabling cookies in your internet browser.


The Privacy Policy may change from time to time to comply with applicable law. We will not explicitly inform users of the site about these changes, so we recommend users periodically reviewing this page for information.


  1. Contact details


You can contact the administrator of this website via the contact form or directly at: